Thursday, 5 September 2013

Our Home for the Time Being

I didn’t get the call yesterday but Martin was rung at 10 in the evening and told to be in the foyer at 6.30 in the morning.  I am just sitting and waiting for my call again.

From the discussions yesterday we were told that we could stay in our hotel suite or they will continue to look for a married compound for us.  We had had no idea how long we were meant to be staying in this hotel, as did the other teachers, so we hadn't unpacked very much at all and by now it was getting irritating trying to work out which suitcase was so-and-so to be found.  So we unpacked some stuff and started to think about this as being our home for a few weeks.

Our Lounge / kitchen area is very comfy and quite well equipped

Its a bit on the dark side because there are minimal windows to keep the heat out

Only played Ankh Morpork 3 times so far.  We have FOX films and a few other channels

These are zebra print tiles - they look furry but they are not.

Kitchen has no oven but it does have a microwave

Settee is big enough to sprawl on

Bathroom is a lot better now the toilet is unblocked but a lovely shower and very spacious

Loving the bed - huge and soft and get a really good sleep

Very spacious - still not unpacked yet

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