Friday, 6 September 2013

Our Options

Well this is still day 8.  Continuing on from yesterday I have now been in contact with the person in charge at the university.  I think they are only used to single women who of course live on the university site itself, my situation with my husband also teaching is a new situation and they don’t seem to have a process for that yet.

Firstly, I explain the situation with my husband and that he has to work in Riyadh as Al-Kharj is too far to commute to.  He rang me back and said that there are three options.  1.  We both work and live in Al-Kharj.  2. Martin works and lives in Al-Kharj and I work and live in Princess Noura University and that we spend the weekends together. 3.  Martin takes a position in the Language Centre in Riyadh and we find accommodation in Riyadh.  Sounds good but the problem is the working hours.  My working hours are 8 to 4 and Martin’s work hours are 8 to 12 and then 4 till 9.  This isn’t a happy prospect either for obvious reasons.  We know that one of the teachers is working in Riyadh at STC the communications company with day-time hours so maybe there is an option here if we press it.

We leave it that Martin and I will discuss these options later.

I also find out that I am starting work on Sunday and we agree that it would be a good idea if I can visit the university today to be shown around.  However there is a problem with how I can get to the university.  There are no drivers available at the moment to take me.  I suggest getting a taxi and he seemed thrilled that I would do that! “Really?, Yes! let me get the details for you”.  However, a call back says we can’t do that and he will look into what else they can do.

Back to Candy Crush for me.

A final call.  We will send a driver to take to you to the university at 8.30 on Sunday.

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