Friday, 11 October 2013

Kingdom Tower and Skybridge

There really isn't much to do here in the way that we would be used to in England.  I hope that as this blog unfolds you will see that I slowly change my mind as to this view and that it is just that I haven't yet discovered the delights of Riyadh life.  Although a check on Tripadvisor shows only 13 places of interest in Riyadh.  We will have to see.

We were told that the Sky Bridge is a sight not to be missed especially if you can get to it as the sun is setting so that that you can see the city in daylight, twilight and night in the same visit.  It is somewhat similar to the London Eye except that it is nothing like it at the same time.  You do get amazing views across the city however.

It was our first visit to the Kingdom Tower which has a mall at the base and then offices and business on the floors above.
Kingdom Tower AKA The bottle opener

The Sky bridge is the walkway that connects the 2 towers
The mall is very upmarket and not for the likes of immigrant teachers like ourselves.  Top designer shops and a whole floor dedicated to women.  I had a quick look around and found women huddled together drinking coffee and eating bowls of interesting icecream; not forgetting big fat cream cakes. See guys, this is what we get up to if there are no men and alcohol to keep us occupied. There were lots of boutique shops selling very small ranges of chocolates and stationary, you know all the lady things we like to buy.  No Ann Summers I noticed.  I did find a nail bar though and I took a card in case one day I want to pay £50 for a manicure and pedicure.

Each mall has its own character as I have said before and this one had a great food court.  Had my first Taco Bell which was lovely.  There were several outlets that you don't find elsewhere that looked interesting, such as Iranian food, and some very good looking burger joints.  Several trips are required here I think,  Oh and something like a Krispy creme Donut place.  Yum yum.

There are 100 floors to the Skybridge and the total lift ride is about 90 seconds.  The lift is decorated to look like the night sky with lights shining through boards with holes in.  I am very easily pleased in the thrill factor line as you can see.  The lift is also filled with an air of anticipation as everyone is excited about going up so high to see the city landscape.

Riyadh at night

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