Friday, 11 October 2013

McDonalds and Family Eating

I have said already about how eating areas are divided into 'Family Sections' and 'Single Men' sections. Interestingly Martin is relegated to single man status when not with me but is allowed to sit in the generally much nicer family section when he is with me.  Having said that you also have to put up with a lot of noisy kids too ......

Here we are at one McDonalds where we are free from prying eyes when we draw the curtains.  It felt somewhat like being on a night train - although not the trains you can find in Georgia hehe.  The guy taking our photo is Martin's colleague who has to pretend to be our son if he is going to be allowed to sit with us. 

The big bonus for women when they are curtained off is that they can remove their abaya and more importantly the niqab.  I have been witness to women in open family areas trying to eat burger and chips with their veils on and it is not a pretty sight.

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