Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A day at the Races

There was an opportunity to go to the races - no not camel races - the gee-gees.  It was a small race course but it was quite interesting.  The last time I went horse racing was when I was 8 years old.  My Nan loved horse racing and the Royal Family  and combined her two loves when she took me to an event where the Queen was in attendance.  I have a vivid memory of Liz wearing a yellow dress.

The entrance to the Racecourse
The part of the city where I live is completely devoid of green areas and so when I get to see some trees, grass and flowers I stretch out towards them.  This was a verdant welcome.

Large seating area for spectators that gave a good view of  the area.
The starting point
It was abayas on of course and there were none of the familiar betting points that we would expect to see at the races in the UK and naturally none of the excitement that goes with it.  I understand that there were some surreptitious doings upstairs somewhere but I have no proof. There was a restaurant and a seating area and that was it.

The horses were paraded around and  we oohed and aahed a bit.  The jockeys are really, really tiny.  No really tiny.  Like Tom Thumb.

See?! Tiny!

Beautiful Horse
We have a winner
Getting a bit bored after a while so me and Martin decide to have a verbal gamble.  I go for the white shirt with the big navy spots.  Martin went for the green and yellow stripes.  We didn't see the end of the race because our lift was ready to go.  I'm sure I won.

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