Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Camel Market

I guess no trip to Saudi Arabia would be complete without a visit to the camel market.  We were doing a trip to the races and on the way we stopped at the camel market for photo opportunities.
One view of the market  but what is most striking is the number of pylons

The first thing you notice is the enormous pylons clustered together.  The guy who gave us a lift is an Electrical Engineer and told us a story about a colleague of his who went up a pylon but it was still live.  They couldn't find a body. He simply vapourised.  So be careful.  Is there a health risk associated with pylons?  Poor camels.

Martin and the camels
It didn't have the feel of a market.  I was expecting an atmosphere of money changing hands and people calling out like in Petticoat lane where they throw dinner services up in the air for two quid.  (Well in the 60's they did)  There was just a lot of tired looking camels in pens.

Scraggy little baby camel

When you look close they are quite cute.

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